A Busy Day

Here was my agenda for today:

  1. Buy Deodorant

Yup, had a packed day.  Can’t believe I forgot my deodorant when coming to a steamy, hot country.  And, with no SIM card yet, I had to rely on a paper map for the entire day.  I certainly impressed myself – found the bank, convenience store (check it out Frank – supporting you overseas!  Apparently, Circle K is very popular here), pharmacy, coffee shop, Buddhist temple and the restaurant I was actually trying to find for dinner.

Had my coffee at the funky Yoko coffee shop – only patron.  My cup of drip java cost a total of 25 cents!  I wanted milk and I think I asked the guy 3 or 4 times thinking he wasn’t understanding me, only to find that the milk was hidden under the black coffee.  I’m going to guess it was sweetened condensed milk – rather different, but delectable.  The coffee was like rocket fuel.  As my niece Tori said, if I had drunk 2 cups, I would have needed to jog around the city for the rest of the day to even hope of sleeping that night.

Passed a sports/cultural centre just as all the kids were getting out of martial arts classes.  Millions of kids running around in black gees.  They even had bused them in for classes.  One enterprising fellow biked over with a cart of popsicles and sold out rather quickly.

This Buddhist pagoda (Xa Loi Pagoda) is in my neighbourhood.  It was lovely to sit in the shaded courtyard to cool off and watch the kids practising chants of some nature.  Officially Vietnam is atheist, as declared by the country’s communist regime.  Apparently the regime sanctions 8 religions and no others may propagate their ideology.  Buddhism would be one of the popular ones and  so far I have laid eyes on a few monks.

Early to bed – still trying to help my body sort out this 12 hour time change.



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  1. Great photos Les!

  2. Love all the photos – and glad you have found somewhere for the all important morning coffee! xx

  3. Yoko looks very cool. I love the dragon carving and architecture!

    Hope you continue to have time to enjoy.

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