Bibimbap Airline Food

Bibimbap Airline Food

First flight was really, really long. Think 13 1/2 hours. Luckily I was seated by a nice, small Philippino woman! Even flying in Economy felt like a deluxe experience on this airline. Loved the treat bag and the food was pretty good. They even handed out an instruction card for preparing your own bibimbap that I thought was kind of funny because we make this at home! However, once landed I wasn’t sure if the pilot was making a joke on us by just flying us in circles. Saw this… and thought I could be somewhere in Canada with the nice maple leaf motif. However, then saw this… and knew I was in Seoul. Loved the airport in Seoul. However, it felt a bit apocalyptic what with the number of people wearing masks – sort of like they are in on something that I don’t know about…

The people mover carts were kind of interesting. The ones at Pearson beep to ask you to get out of the way. The ones in Seoul used the same tones and played a Christmas Carol. Sounds nice? Not really. It felt rather like a demented Santa Claus was pursuing you.

Very happy to be greeted at the HCMC airport by a driver with my name on a big sign. He had limited English, but we made do on the drive to my hotel. Actually, I think he was trying to hit on me! He asked me my age – I lied. He then lied back and shaved another half decade off. Told me I was young and beautiful and I thought it could be the start of a beautiful relationship! Ride was over too soon!

Exhausted I tired to fall into a deep sleep although hard when residing across the street from a karaoke bar! Although, I still want to pinch myself because I am staying in a hotel – quite the upgrade from my volunteer accommodation in India.



  1. You are making good progress as you train for your next career >>>>>>>>> as a Reporter 4 food >t ravel tips>personal affairs in chairs and so on

    As ever Dad

  2. One can only hope the bibimbap included a recipe that’s easy to follow that you’ll share…

    Glad you have posh accommodations this time.


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