Dancing in the Streets

So, trip over is complete. Started with high excitement as we saw the Ti Cat cheer gals at Pearson, heading to Cow Town. And, we made it here despite the helpful signage from Air Canada…

Only challenge was that I was flying with the start of a wicked head cold. All those ups and downs with a head that felt like a bowling ball. When we arrived in Seoul for a quick overnight, Dee had a headache, as we had essentially been awake for 24 hours. Me, I was floating on a cloud of drugs. Surprisingly, I didn’t have a headache, but everything (really everything) hurt from my neck down. So, between us we had it covered!

After 8 short hours of sleep we boarded Korean Air once more for the flight to Hanoi. Arrived Saturday morning (Friday night for Ontario.)

Overall flying:
Toronto to Vancouver = 5 hours then Vancouver to Seoul = 11 hours, then Seoul to Hanoi = 5 hours. TOTAL= way too much to think clearly anymore…

And, despite the above, with no SIM card or data, we have navigated a full day with only one wrong turn! I’m impressing myself, as navigational skills do not tend to be my strength.

Here is Dee enjoying her first meal in Hanoi. Delicious Bún cha – grilled pork, vermicelli noodles and vegetables with a Coke lite – for the princely fee of $7.14.

Had a great afternoon of wandering.

Flip flop repair dude.

Home for a wee nap and then out to the night market where just about anything you can think of is available for sale. Hanoi at night is one buzzing bee hive of activity.

Street meat selection at the night market. No… we did not partake.

Had dinner at the great brew pub, Pasteur Street Brewing Company. A juicy burger cooked to perfection topped with some mighty fine spicy pickles. I had a glass of my favourite – passion fruit wheat ale. My personal challenge is to have as much passion fruit, as often as I can, while here in Vietnam!

Dinner dreams are made of…

Leaving with a shot of beautiful Hanoi at night. Perfect for a stroll and to catch Dancing in the Street.

Hoan Kiem lake.


  1. Sounds like you’re off to a great start, albeit a tired one. Hope you are feeling better soon. 😸

  2. Alexander Bella says:

    Hey I was there! That is awful timing to get a cold… grr, but hey you are in Vietnam having awesome food! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Sounds like the adventure has begun – enjoy, and keep posting please!

  4. Hi Les,
    I am all for dancing in the streets.
    Great photos and have another Coke light in my honour.
    Enjoy and take care.
    Nance xo

  5. I’d be dancing in the streets too if I was able to eat that amazing looking street meat!!💃🏽 Hopefully you’re feeling better soon.

  6. Looks like it was a long flight(s), but now that you are they things are going smoothly!! Enjoy the food and sights. We want to hear all about it when you return.

  7. Glad you have been able to enjoy some of the sights and tastes of Hanoi. Hopefully you will both be 100% soon so you can enjoy even more.

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