Get Ready Get Set

Get Ready Get Set 

Yesterday, I was looking for a spot to have coffee before heading up to the hospital to go over the training materials. Also, wanted to check out a certain store. So, on the way to the store I went by the coffee shop and noticed the sign – good, so I knew how much time I had to budget. Go to the store and head back to the coffee shop – can’t find it. Finally locate the sign I had seen from across the street and is says the coffee shop moved… Now desperate for coffee and not long on time I google map the new location and thinking it is close to the hospital (very lucky), I head off. I finally find it and you’ll see from the signage that it was a tad hard to spot. Well worth the game of hide and go seek to get there. Some of the best food I’ve had was quickly scarfed down before my meeting. 

The meeting was another thing. I had been told to expect the unexpected. Well, my work plan was changed about a week before I headed over to Vietnam. No problem. Then, at my initial meeting in Vietnam the plan was significantly changed. Chop a course in two, add two new groups of students, shorten one course by a bit, flip the order around in another course. No problem. Day before launch and I am asked to essentially scrap 3/4 of the content for the first course and change it with less than 24 hours to go. Yikes! So, we go over things in detail and it turns out they are missing an entire day’s worth of content (meaning it hasn’t been seen or translated). Panic! Reorganize, change what I can and…. it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be! 

To wind down the night before take off, I head into town to see the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office (still in use). I am oddly calm and not sure if this is the phase known as the “eye”. 



  1. Donna Birkett Baida says:

    As they say over in the UK, keep calm and carry on..!
    Love the updates, keep them coming.

  2. I am sure it will be fabulous. Luckily you will have had good coffee and a nice meal before teaching so, your nerves will be calm!

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