Parting is such sweet sorrow

Hanoi was a rush and a blur. Hard to believe we are half way through our gig. We loved Hanoi with it’s chaos and charm. And, as we head off to Saigon, wanted to share some pictures that made us smile, made us go yuck or made us laugh.

Women’s washroom at the office
Comfortable outdoor cafe seating
Dee trying the famous Hanoian Egg Coffee
Duy our fantastic translator and crossing guard
Check out item #7
Transportation dilemmas
Temple of Literature
Beef penis…seriously


  1. Great phots! A picture really is worth a thousand words.

  2. OMG… love the two toilets, so not surprised.

  3. Clearly you have continued to do yoga while travelling, otherwise, how does one explain your ability to sit on the comfortable outdoor seating?!

    Glad you are feeling better!

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