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A full week of teaching finished. By Friday I was bagged. Great students this week. We had fun! They literally threw a party on the Friday with so many local treats to try. My favourite was pieces of ripe mango dipped in a chili lime spice. Yum! 

Every night I have been eating with the other CESO volunteer, but she was busy on Friday. So, I braved it and went to a street food market. I have a nice little translated sign a friend of Frank’s wrote for me informing of my shellfish allergy and I pull it out everywhere as shellfish are everywhere. I am totally in love with the street food – amazing Bánh Mì sandwiches with pickled vegetables, noodle dishes and Banh Xeo which are Vietnamese pancakes. My new favourite drink is passionfruit anything. After dinner I walked to an ice cream place I had heard was great and tried… fish sauce ice cream. Yes I did! 

Today was a day for fun. I had read about an interesting communist style apartment building that had been empty, so some small shops moved in. I wasn’t sure if it was open, as the government has been threatening for years to shut it down. Anyway, it is still in operation right on the main pedestrian mall. A mix of small shops, cafes and peoples’ homes. Made a wrong turn at one point and ended walking into a home – luckily noticed the fridge and toilet and stuff all over the place and thought – either I am in my son’s bedroom or I have walked into the entryway of someone’s apartment. I have included an evening picture I took of it, as it really shows the individual spaces. 

Had a $12 1-hour massage. Ahh! Heading out to dinner soon. The soccer final is tonight and the first game ended in a 2:2 tie. So, it is Vietnam versus Malaysia for the Asian World Cup tonight. Those who know us over here are concerned for our safety – we have been warned over and over to not be out late. So, we have a 6:30 dinner reservation at a local pizza joint and will be in early – we promised! 


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  1. Wow, the ice cream look way more appetizing than fish oil flavoring sounds!

    Do you see many pets over there?

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