Swan Song

Despite Tay Ninh having Vietnam’s first international tennis championship, it’s not what you’d call “cosmopolitan”.  Eating here has been more of an “experience” than it was in the other two  cities.  Last night, Leslie and I thought that we’d try our luck at the VinComm Centre – the local mall.  The mall had a movie theatre, 3 food court type restaurants, a grocery store, a drug store, a jewelry store and two clothing stores.  The mall was a gift to the people of the town.  Although it’s not the sort of mall we have in Canada, it was quite a shift from the types of stores and eating establishments we’ve seen elsewhere, but I digress.  We ended up going to a Korean fast food place and each ordered something from the menu.  However, we didn’t realize that he waiter had mixed up our orders and that we were eating each other’s dinner until we were over half way through the meal. I guess white girls all look alike. Outside the mall, families were enjoying the slightly cooler evening temperatures of 26 degrees while taking photos around the Christmas Trees and presents.  

Leslie about to mow down on Dee’s dinner

The second part of our clinical work here took us a bit outside the city to the VAVA Centre for children with disabilities.  The kids we met are thought to be living with the aftermath of Agent Orange being used in the war. We were told that this is now the third generation of people being born with birth defects secondary to Dioxin poisoning.  Despite the emotional realities, the warmth of these children brought everything back to why we love doing our work of helping  people live more fulfilling lives.  We taught the front line workers different approaches and techniques they need as they continue to expand their services as OTs and STs.  

A doctor who works at both of the facilities we’ve worked at was kind enough to take us on a personal tour of the temple in Tay Ninh.  This area is primarily Cao Dai.   It’s a and practiced by the majority of people in this area.  

“Under His Eye”

Over the course of these last few days, Vietnam has been playing in the U22 Asia cup and doing quite well.  Today people were set up watching the game in coffee shops and bars all across the city.  Even our taxi driver got to catch the action as she drove us home.  Talk about distracted driving!  Driving could have been a blog entry until itself!

Sending a fond farewell. See you in Canada!


  1. Looks like you had a great trip. See you in a couple of days! Fly safe.

  2. Looking forward to hearing all the stories of your incredible journey

  3. Thanks for sharing your stories and letting us live vicariously through you!!! Safe travels

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