Việt Nam, Vietnam            Take Two, Take 2

Việt Nam, Vietnam Take Two, Take 2

Well, Vietnam’s charms have taken hold… I was not expecting to return so soon. After our particularly difficult winter here in Burlington, when I was asked to return I said “no”. Then I said “no” again. Third time I added “no” for good measure. Now, my ticket is booked! So, we can add persuasive to charming.

In fact, when they asked me the fifth or fiftieth time, I said I would go, but I had to limit my time to 2 weeks and then I asked if I could bring a friend! Imagine my delight when they said “yes”. So, I am thrilled to be sharing this adventure with my good friend and colleague, Dee. For those that don’t know Dee, she is a Speech-Language Pathologist and both OT and SLP are relatively new to Vietnam, so I was aware that support in both areas could be beneficial. We will be doing 1 week of clinical supervision in Tay Ninh Province (near Cambodian border down south) and 1 week of policy work with the Ministry of Health. It’s good to have a friend who lets herself be dragged around on my adventures!

Map showing Tay Ninh

So, our volunteering. We are again working with Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped and our Canadian partner is Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO, although I like to say the whole name, as it’s the only time I’m ever included in a group of executives.) Of course, rule number 1 of volunteering is flexibility. Our tickets were all booked and we were getting final preparations under way when we learned that the Ministry would be in Japan the week we had meetings scheduled with them. So, that meant unbook and rebook everything to flip our agenda around. How that came up just now is one of the great mysteries of dealing with a government anywhere.

We head out very early Thursday morning and will spend Friday night in Seoul, Korea where we may only see the inside of the airport Best Western, as I suspect we will be beat. Then on Saturday morning we head to the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi.

And, by the way, regarding the spelling of Vietnam as 1 or 2 words, apparently some English teachers translated the Vietnamese directly into English and it ended up as two words. So, I understand both are correct.

On wards! Thanks for joining us and feel free to post so we know who is following along!!

Best, Leslie & Dee



  1. Good luck and have fun on this adventure!

  2. Shanda Hunter-Trottier says:

    Well you two….the adventure begins! So looking forward to following you electronically and to hearing all about your experience. How fortunate are the recipients of the knowledge you will be imparting….safe travels, ladies.

  3. Sarah Eshelby says:

    Can’t wait to follow your adventures Leslie.
    Travel safely

  4. Bon voyage Leslie and Dee! Looking forward to reading about all your adventures! Safe travels!

  5. Safe travels!

  6. Jackie Boekestyn says:

    Wishing both of you wonderful ladies a great trip, I’m looking forward to reading your blogs. I’m sure there will be amusing adventures along the way!

  7. Sounds exciting. Thank you for including me in your contact list.

  8. Knowing you both, I’m sure this will be a great adventure. I expect colourful photos of the scenery and lush descriptions of the delicacies you sample. Have fun and safe travels.


  9. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! Safe travels ladies.

  10. Alexander Bella says:

    I know you’ll have an amazing time! Dad and I already miss ya!

  11. Patti Metivier says:

    Wow Les! All the best!

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