Welcome to the Monkey Bridge

Welcome to the Monkey Bridge

Here we go again! Welcome to my blog “Crossing The Monkey Bridge”. As I prepared to head off to Vietnam on my third international Occupational Therapy gig, I have been reading loads of Vietnamese fic-lit. I became intrigued by Monkey Bridges and their use in rural Vietnam. I feel like I am crossing a monkey bridge as I head away… feeling pretty darn rickety right now, but hope for a smooth crossing with solid ground ahead!

Taking that first step on the Monkey Bridge makes me want to quickly jump back to all that is familiar. But, having done this leaving part before, I know it ain’t pretty, but I’ll get through it! Shed a waterfall at the airport such that each and every customs and security person asked me if I was ok. One guy, upon learning that I had just said goodbye to my husband said – are you kidding me? 3 weeks away from your husband – that’s a gift! He kindly shared my story with all the other staff – very embarrassing as customs agents passed me tissues! But hey, the sympathy vote got me through quickly!

So, if you drop in and visit my blog, please either post a note or send me an email. It’s so nice to hear from family and friends when far away.




  1. Glad you made it safe.

  2. Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  3. Hi Leslie, Thanks for including me. Keep the blogs coming!

  4. You are amazing! Very brave & an inspiration.
    Take good care, love cbl

  5. I’m intrigued already, looking forward to hearing more, enjoy!

  6. Oh my God, You’ve got me in stitches already! What a talented writer you are Les! Love the picture also–Did you take that?! Keep ’em coming! (You should travel just so you can blog!) Stay safe!

  7. Victoria Sweetman says:

    Leslie – happy that you’re safe and sound. So glad that the long trip didn’t dampen your great sense of humour! I look forward to more of your stories.

  8. All those years and the boys went home to stuff themselves on shellfish…Perhaps the customs agents were correct 😂

  9. Sarah Eshelby says:

    Look forward to hearing about your travels 😊

  10. Les A super START you must have had just amazing parents to HELP you develop so spectacularly fit and able
    By the bye I note that Helena won’t be coming to 819 until the 19th so
    should I start both Amarrlys or wait and let Helena select first from in the box.
    Cheers Dad

  11. Enjoy your adventure, you are doing a wonderful thing!

  12. I love the picture. So glad you made it safe and sound. (Tears and all).

  13. Leslie, you are in for an amazing adventure. Looking forward to reading about your time in Vietnam.

  14. Keith Lockhart says:

    Hi Leslie,

    Great start to your blog! Sometimes the easy part is the pictures. Will you be home for Christmas – the timing would suck if you were away for it. Enjoy the tropical heat – cold and flakes today, but just a few.

    – Keith

  15. Hi Les,
    Will google monkey bridge and totally get the ++tears at Pearson.
    Love Nance

  16. Donna Birkett Baida says:

    Enjoy your latest adventure!

  17. Ah. Sorry this is so late. Bet you didn’t tell them your story !!

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